Data on 143 million people breached

  • Names, Social Security Numbers, Birth Dates, Addresses, some Driver License Numbers & Credit Card Numbers for 209,000 people

  • Action Steps to Consider based on Individual Needs:

       Monitor your Credit–   Check your credit report quarterly.

       Consider activating a Credit Freeze–   Blocks anyone from accessing your credit and from opening credit in your name.

       Fraud Alert Status- 90 days-   Adds additional review on all credit enquirers.

Please Review:  Shareholders Service Group Investment Accounts

  • Your accounts are never included in any information on any of the three credit bureaus.  During the course of business; including opening account, closing accounts, taking withdrawals from account or any service, a client’s data is never shared with any credit bureaus.

  • Central Asset Distribution Block –  Eagle Eye Advisory’s preferred custodian, Shareholders Service Group, offers to put block on any asset distributions.

        Pros–  This adds an additional level of review on all distributions (checks, ACH, wires, transfers etc).  This review can consist of additional information request and custodian calling the user on file.

       Cons–   This blocks all scheduled monthly distributions.

    **Recommended for users that have had an identity theft incident or client that does not expect to take scheduled distribution in the near future.

  • No Retail Shops – Shareholders Service Group does not have any physical retail presence.  Eliminating the possibility of a person walking into store front or office and impersonating client with breached information.

  • View Only–    All Shareholder Service Accounts are  view-only, which eliminates the risk of a person stealing login credentials and trying to move money, equities, bonds or any assets.

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