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We would like to thank you for the opportunity of your business in 2016 and for your continued referrals.  We also like to provide the following updates:

  • Eagle Eye Advisory is proud to announce that we have invested in office space located at:

      470 Olde Worthington Rd, Suite #241

      Westerville, OH 43082

    We look forward to using the office space for our client meetings to discuss your goals and plans for the future.

  • We would also like to announce that we made a website investment https://eagle-eye-advisory.com/ in order to provide our clients with the most updated technology platform for accessing your accounts and communicating with Eagle Eye Advisory.

  • Referrals are the greatest compliment in business and we very much appreciated them. We continue with our commitment to help our clients increase, optimize and achieve their financial goals and plans.

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2016 Retrospective:

The prominent themes for 2016 were political uncertainty with the US election and the European Union as Great Britain looked to be the first country to “Brexit” the European Union.  All the so called “market experts” and television commentators evangelized how much the market would drop if election results were not expected.  The market was quite resilient with all major indices ending positive for the year.  Domestic small caps lead the performance returning over 20%; while aggregate fixed income holdings were still able to stay positive 2.79% even with the Fed raising interest rates.  Clients who ignored the “noise” and who continued to invest for the long term and buy on the dips were rewarded with returns greater than the indices.

2017 and Beyond:

We are still optimistic for 2017, as we continue to have positive economic news, the unemployment rate dipping below 5% for the first time, in almost a decade, and the U.S. corporate balance sheets are in great shape with cash at records levels.  Tax reform and its simplification should prove to be tail wind for economic growth.  All expectations are leaning towards reduced regulation, which should stimulate a new era of corporate growth.  There will be nice opportunities in small and mid-cap domestic stocks over the next 5 years, as these equities have experienced higher growth rates than large cap asset class.

Best ways to achieve your financial goals in the current market environment:

  • As demonstrated by the events 2016; do not try and time the market as opportunity comes at unexpected times.  Average market returns drop drastically if an investor missed just the 10 best days of the market in a given year dropping the return from approximately 9.8% to 6.1%. And even worse, if you missed out on the 20 best days your return drops to approximately 3.6%.

  • Eagle Eye continues to recommend re-balancing your portfolio as recommended in your custom asset allocation reports.  Think of re-balancing as a great way to institute “buy low & sell high” as this process sells asset classes that have appreciated and buys asset classes that are discounted.

  • A good rule of thumb is to organize and consolidate your financials.  Eagle Eye offers industry leading software that provides a single dashboard view of all your financials and your progress towards your financial goals.  Feel free to contact us on how this can help you stay organized.

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We are very much committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service and your satisfaction is our top priority.  If for any reason, you have questions and/or comments, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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